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The daily programme includes  two lectures given by prominent political communication and political science scholars. In the afternoon sessions there will be room for discussion of the participants’ research projects. Three workshops in research methods will be offered during the week.

Monday 16 July
Current Theoretical Perspectives

Morning Session (09.00-13.00)  
• Opening Lecture by Prof. Denis McQuail (Emeritus, Univ. of Amsterdam): “Framing:  its different origins and meanings”.
•  Lecture by Prof. Shanto Iyengar (Stanford University): “The theoretical status of the framing paradigm in political communication”.
Afternoon Session (14.30-17.30)

• Presentation and discussion of research projects

Tuesday 17 July
New/Social Media in Political Communication
Morning Session (09.00-13.00)
• Lecture by Prof. Barbara Pfetsch (Freie Universitӓt  Berlin): “Democratic Potentials of Online Communication for Political Debate”.
• Lecture by Stephen Coleman (University of Leeds): “What do we know about online deliberation?”

Afternoon Session (14.30-18.30)
• Workshop # 1: “Research Methods for Social Media: Blog Sentiment Analysis” (Dr. Andrea Ceron, Univ. of Milan)
• Presentation and discussion of research projects

Wednesday  18 July
Popularization of Politics:  Implications for Research

Morning Session (09.00-13.00)
• Lecture by Prof. Patricia Moy (University of Washington): “The Political Effects of Infotainment: A Look at Normative Concerns and Empirical Realities”.
• Lecture by Prof. Kees Brants (University of Amsterdam): “Making Politics Popular: the Changing Context and Content of Political Communication in Western Europe”.

Afternoon Session (14.30-18.30)
• Workshop # 2: “Potentials and Challenges in Comparative Research” (Prof. Kees Brants)
• Presentation and discussion of research projects

Thursday 19 July
Parties and Voters in a Comparative Perspective

Morning Session (09.00-13.00)
• Lecture by  Prof.  Jacques Thomassen (University of Twente): “Political attitudes and electoral behaviour: the role of political institutions”.
• Workshop # 3:  “The Political Psychology of Elections: Theories and Methods for Survey Research” (Dr. Sharon Coen, Univ. of Salford)

Afternoon Session (14.30-19.30)
• Presentation and discussion of research projects
• Lecture by Prof.  Russell Dalton (University of California, Irvine): “Partisan Dealignment in a Comparative Perspective".  [Videoconference]

Friday 20 July
Structural vs. Short-term Determinants of Vote Choice

Morning Session (09.00-13.00)
• Lecture by Prof. Oddbjørn Knutsen (University of Oslo): "Long-termed determinants of party choice: Social structure and value orientations"
• Lecture by Prof. Marco Maraffi (University of Milano)

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